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Refund & Cancellation

Payments for our services and products are to be made in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot always accommodate full refunds of what you have paid. Once you have confirmed the purchase of one of our services or products, you set in motion a series of actions that we cannot retrieve on some occasions. For this reason, our refund policy when you decide to cancel one or more of the services or products you have purchased is as follows:
Services & Plans:
If you cancel
(i) Within 24 hours from your purchase, if not in conflict with the following clauses, we will retain the 5% of the fee.
(ii) More than 72 hours from your appointment, we will retain 20% of the fee.
(iii) Less than 72 hours from your appointment, we will retain 40% of the fee.
(iv) After the appointment has taken place, we will retain 60% of the fee.
(v) After we have sent you the first draft, we will retain 100% of the fee,
Articles & downloadable material:
Unfortunately, we cannot accept cancellations for those type of products.

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