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Revision Policy

Some of our Services and/or Bundles include free, unlimited revisions for 30 days, from the day the agreed final product is delivered. If after 30 days you still haven’t had any success hearing back for one of your applications, we will work together to identify the issue, troubleshooting your document(s) and application(s) you have made. In the eventuality that this has been caused by us, the revision time will be extended until this is fixed. We will also take all the necessary steps we feel are appropriate to make it up to you.

Reasons that would exclude an extension period could be:

(i) Job level the Client applied for is out of their reach.

(ii) The Client does not meet the specific requirements dictated by the Job advert (Visa, Location, Experience).

(iii) RSJ reserves the right to void the extension if the client imposes limitations on the service as advised in the initial consultation.

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